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About Us

Third Element Aviation is the leading company in designing professional drone applications. Based in Bielefeld, Germany, collectively we have a long history in the drone application business before starting the company in early 2017. Our team combines years of experience in business development, several hundred commercial drone systems manufactured and sold and thousands of hours in piloting experience in virtually all applications, scenarios and parts of the world.

Based on this know-how, Third Element Aviation was founded on the idea to bring complete, drone-based application packages, from initial consulting to after-sales services.

Our Mission:

We create smart systems, that enable customers to integrate drones into their workflows by delivering turn-key solutions. We create safe systems, that fulfill all relevant norms and standards, are rugged and road-worthy and provide best of class safety in operation.

We create partnerships in business, that fulfill customers needs, share ideas and visions and jointly create new technologies,
applications and innovations.


Marius Schröder

Marius Schröder

Benjamin Wiens

Benjamin Wiens

John Erland Oestergaard

John Erland Oestergaard




Our pilots have several years, thousands of flight hours and very diverse experience in operating drones in professional environments. Our pilot trainings unite theoretical backgrounds, application-based practical skills and useful routines to make drone operations safe and efficient.


Having developed and evaluated a wide array of business concepts and drone applications, we share experience and insights. Our trained consultants and business developers provide continuous support from the first evaluation of drones to long-term partnerships.

Repair and Maintenance

With years of experience in manufacturing, maintenance and repair of industry drones, our service team provides service not only to Third Element Aviation Systems, but also to other makers. Please get in contact with us with your inquiries on repairs, maintenance, adjustments or accessories.

Custom Applications

Our key competency lies in designing new drone-based applications. From evaluating concepts to designing and manufacturing the right system, we offer our experience in development partnerships. Please get in contact with us to discuss your concepts and design new applications together.