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A new home – again

As of today, we are happy to present our new offices at Oeko-Tech Park Bielefeld. The old water tower from 1926 has been part of Windel Bleaches for many years. Today it is part of a modern industry park with approx 100 companies on site. Our new offices can be found at level 4, 5 […]

Defikopter – The second generation

Together with Definetz e.V., Third Element Aviation is the new technology partner for project Defikopter. The innovative and exciting project has been part of CEOs Benjamins Wiens’ and Marius Schröder’s career for several years already. “With the ConVecDro technology platform we have achieved many features that are crucial for Defikopter applications – from a rain proof […]

Founders of the Month

We are delighted, happy and grateful for being Founders of the Month this November in “Das kommt aus Bielefeld”. The portal, magazine and initiative “Das kommt aus Bielefeld” promotes Bielefeld and Ostwestfalen as an attractive and aspiring region that has a lot to offer. We are very proud to be part of this region and […]

Introducing ConVecDro LIDAR drone package

The lidar solution After weeks of integrating and testing the system in many different applications, countries and scenarios, we are very pleased to introduce the ConVecDro LIDAR package. Built around our amazing ConVecDro drone platform and Routescene’s amazing LidarPod, this lidar drone solution allows land surveyors a wide range of mapping applications. With a net […]

ConVecDro is ready to launch

Today marks the day we have launched ConVecDro. Our first UAS platform boasts high wind stability, a very sturdy and lightweight laminated frame, six precise engines with made in Germany controller technology, ultra-flexible payload options and flight times of up to 50 minutes. We could not be more proud of this big step! In the […]


The third element

Starting from the first research into elements in Ancient Greece, the five elements earth, water, air, fire and aether were the key components on which everything was based on.