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At the industrial location Bielefeld, between global market leaders and start-up culture, we develop and produce high-performance drones (UAV) and applications for industrial process optimization to increase value and efficiency – seamlessly integrated into the workflows of our customers – since 2017. We are specialists for complex IT integrations, automation and project solutions or provide you with a ReadyToFly package for a straightforward start. With well over 1000 hours of flight experience, we advise you on approval processes, prepare risk analyses and train your personnel for the safe and efficient use of unmanned aerial systems.  

We provide drone solutions


Professional drones with modern sensor systems make the inspection of industrial plants, buildings and other technical structures possible without long preparation times, operational downtime or heavy equipment. Seamless data acquisition, safe application and flexible deployment options offer real added value compared to conventional methods.  

Surveying and mapping

Nowadays, drones take over many surveying and mapping tasks and support users in surveying roads, planning new construction areas or even in surface mining. Fast, user-friendly and precise, our drones work by means of photogrammetry or thanks to sophisticated LIDAR scanner integration.  

Security & Emergency Services 

Drones for security and surveillance provide fast, meaningful data and are easy to integrate into existing concepts. Automated processes make operation straightforward and efficient. Our solutions extend to fully autonomous terrain monitoring including AI-assisted detection of events – thanks to powerful thermal imaging sensors during the day and at night.  

Forestry and agriculture

Modernizing agriculture requires innovative tools. In digitized farms, the use of drones in precision farming can optimize harvests through accurate soil data, maximize yields, and detect disease or pest infestations more extensively and early. In addition, wildlife and their populations can be monitored quickly and accurately. 

Further areas of application

The possible applications of drones are almost unlimited and technical progress is rapid. This is what drives us. For the integration of specialized sensor systems to the development of completely new workflows, we offer our many years of experience and know-how to jointly develop new solutions. We would be happy to advise you on the subject of individual solution concepts

Marius Schröder & Benjamin Wiens

Marius Schröder & Benjamin Wiens (Co-Founders & CEOs)

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