All three elements…

You could argue that we already have the air element under control with our drones. With the moving robot Hircus from our Danish partners at Capra Robotics, ground has been added as a second element. And since the end of last year, with another milestone achieved in the RIVA project, we can claim that water has also joined the ranks.

The project, in a consortium with the professorhip for Automation Technology and the professorship for Control Technology of Helmut Schmidt University and it-objects, is concerned with the automated navigation of vehicles in various modalities – land, water and air. The whole thing does not just happen independently of each other, but the different vehicles work together in a network.

This includes, for example – as can be seen in the video – the automated landing of drones on ships! In the end, missions will be divided up between different vehicles and carried out as autonomously as possible.

To Professur für Automatisierungstechnik, HSU:
To Professur für Regelungstechnik, HSU:
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