Thanks to our drone ZF is now the first company in Germany to use automated drones to transport goods on its plant premises. The drone prototype with a custom user interface and a 4G LTE solution has recently started flying spare parts such as sensors or control cards from the central warehouse to workshops. As soon as the test flights are complete and drones properly deployed, such flights will relieve vehicle traffic at the plant and save time on the up to one kilometer-long delivery routes that are often on the upper floors of buildings.

The 30 km/h hexacopter can transport up to three kilograms payload and offers around 30 to 40 minutes of electrical flight operation. It is a safe and redundant system which is of course water and dust proofed.

The automated drone flights would not be possible without the official approvals for automated drone flights from the Stuttgart Regional Administrative Authority and the German Air Traffic Control DFS. Drones, mostly equipped with cameras, could until now only be used privately or commercially for tasks such as mapping, monitoring factory fences or surveying. This is now the first case in Germany where automated drones are used to transport goods on plant premises.

We were at the official project kick-off of our landmine project in Brussels. Together with the humanitarian organization Handicap International “Humanity and Inclusion” and our other project partners, we will test the use of drones in landmine clearing in Chad in Central Africa. The country, located south of Libya, has been contaminated with mines since 1982 on an area of estimated 100 million square meters. Using drones, the dangerous zones can be overflown to confirm or disprove the suspicion of mines. This makes the landmine search not only much safer, but also much faster and more efficient.

We could not be more proud!

We came third at the Drone Pioneer Award! The award, presented in Frankfurt on 17 October as part of INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS (part of INTERGEO), Europe’s largest civili drone show, recognizes projects that are changing the market and are helping to achieve the UN’s goals of a sustainable society. We were awarded for our project landmine detection by GPR. With the help of our drones, we want to make landmine search more efficient, safer and cheaper, and to give people in developing countries their land and thus their livelihoods.

More detailed information about the project will be available shortly.

Exactly one year ago, on 26th June 2017, we decided to become the Third Element Aviation GmbH. A good reason to celebrate!

A lot has happened in the passed year: our first successful product ConVecDro went on the market, we were at the “Hannover Messe”, moved to our new location, got new team members, found new business partners and initiated many new projects. As a result, we do not only offer mapping and surveying solutions, but also support for pilots during offshore challenges and innovative solutions for the detection of landmines with radar technology.

Everyday we put all our effort into the implementation of these exciting projects to expand our service portfolio. We look forward to the future with many more fascinating ideas and challenges.

Stay tuned!


As of today, we are happy to present our new offices at Oeko-Tech Park Bielefeld. The old water tower from 1926 has been part of Windel Bleaches for many years. Today it is part of a modern industry park with approx 100 companies on site.

Our new offices can be found at level 4, 5 and 6 of this impressive building!

Further, we are now able to do demonstrations, tests and workshops on site, with a magnificent landscape of industry roofs, chimneys, grass areas and old pipings.

We could not be happier!


Together with Definetz e.V., Third Element Aviation is the new technology partner for project Defikopter. The innovative and exciting project has been part of CEOs Benjamins Wiens’ and Marius Schröder’s career for several years already.

“With the ConVecDro technology platform we have achieved many features that are crucial for Defikopter applications – from a rain proof chassis over an extended range of up to 15 kilometers to innovative safety features. It makes us proud and happy to see Third Element Aviation being on board in this project” says CEO Marius Schröder.

“Quietly and without speaking up”, says Friedrich Nölle of Definetz “we are hoping to achieve a general permission for using Defikopter in 2019, to begin building up an infrastructure in Bielefeld.”

More information on the project (german only):

We are delighted, happy and grateful for being Founders of the Month this November in “Das kommt aus Bielefeld”.


The portal, magazine and initiative “Das kommt aus Bielefeld” promotes Bielefeld and Ostwestfalen as an attractive and aspiring region that has a lot to offer. We are very proud to be part of this region and of it’s unique and recently very active startup community.

Read more here (german only): das kommt aus bielefeld

The lidar solution

After weeks of integrating and testing the system in many different applications, countries and scenarios, we are very pleased to introduce the ConVecDro LIDAR package. Built around our amazing ConVecDro drone platform and Routescene’s amazing LidarPod, this lidar drone solution allows land surveyors a wide range of mapping applications. With a net flight time of >22 minutes with the lidar system attached, the system collects up to 700.000 points per second and can cover an area of up to 110 hectares in a single day (including setup times, battery charing, etc.)

Best in class flexibility

The flexible integration is completely detachable. This allows ConVecDro to be transported more easily and to transform from lidar drone configuration into a high-quality photogrammetry solution in less than three minutes. Making it the one stop shop for advanced mapping and surveying.

Systems start at just 17.500 €. Don’t hesitate to contact our sales team!

Today marks the day we have launched ConVecDro. Our first UAS platform boasts high wind stability, a very sturdy and lightweight laminated frame, six precise engines with made in Germany controller technology, ultra-flexible payload options and flight times of up to 50 minutes. We could not be more proud of this big step!

In the upcoming weeks we will launch several application packages for ConVecDro, starting with great mapping and surveying equipment for photogrammety and LIDAR scanning. The basic package will start at just 25.000 € NET and we will start shipping units in late August this year. Again, we could not be more excited and proud.

Our sales team is available anytime at for further information on ConVecDro, application options, pricing and leasing option. Do not hesitate to contact us any time!

In the name of Third Element Aviation, we are proud to announce taking another major step forward. As of April 10 out company will have a new home. Totaling almost 400 square meters of offices, production, development and warehouse, our new seat will be in Bielefeld’s Elsternstraße.

The close link to the technology center Bielefeld, the great traffic connection and the central location were not the only motivation behind this move.

The building itself is ideal for our demands and allows for an even better connection of vital processes like development, production and sales. Further the generous space has enough potential for expansions and bigger projects.

We could not be happier!