The goal of the 5GAPS project is to create a so-called cubelet system that divides public spaces into three-dimensional cubes and thereby allows precise and adaptive mapping and thus also navigation in three dimensions. The central building block here is 5G technology, which allows a large exchange of data volumes, has low latency and offers high precision. It can also be used for (combined) navigation outside and inside buildings – in contrast to GPS technology, for example.

Once implemented, the cubelet system could enable many use cases: Route planning for logistics with drones or better utilization of usable space. Applications in the field of industrial metaverse would also be conceivable – in the future, for example, factories could be displayed, maintained or made more efficient in virtual reality.

The project as a whole is intended to explore the possibilities of the still new 5G technology. The campus network at the Deutsche Messe exhibition center in Hanover is available as a test area. Third Element Aviation has been involved in the project since the beginning of 2022 and, as one of the partners in the project, provides drones that are used to check the quality of the 5G connection in the test area. The project also involves many other high-profile partners from science and industry.

Further information here:

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Today we are especially pleased to introduce our new strong, strategic partner in the field of logistics: The Easter bunny relies on us and our drones for the delivery of many beautiful Easter nests and colorful eggs! Whether they will all be found remains to be seen…

Third Element Aviation wishes all employees, partners and customers a happy and relaxing Easter!

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From October to December 2022 we had the pleasure to have Kavi Manu Kanes with us as an intern in hardware development. Kavi is studying mechatronics at the FH Bielefeld and completed a 12-week internship with us as part of the preparation for his bachelor thesis.  

How did you decide to do your internship at Third Element Aviation? Have you ever had anything to do with drones?  

A fellow student once told me that there was a company around here that worked with drones and ROS, so that stuck in the back of my mind.  

I had also considered buying a drone or building one myself, but never followed through. I find drones interesting because it’s still a fairly new field and has a lot of potential. I also had a bit of previous experience as an electrician and because I already worked with microcontrollers as a hobby and implemented smaller projects.  

What were your tasks here?  

I developed a prototype for a feature that Third Element needed. The first idea was to develop a kind of counter for the landing frame of the drone that measures how hard the impact is during landing. This could be used, for example, to better plan when such landing gear needs to be checked. Nothing came of that, though.  

But the second idea – which I then implemented – was a flight termination system.   

What did you particularly like about your time here?  

It was cool here, all the people were very nice. The cooperation was good and it was fun. You could get a taste of everything in the company and get an overview of how everything is connected. I could always ask questions.  

It was also cool that I was able to do something that helped the company move forward and that gave me confidence and responsibility. I also like that there are modern working time models and flexible hours here, and there was also a small payment for the internship.  

What advice would you give to other people who would like to do an internship here? What should you bring with you?  

I think an interest in model airplanes or drones would be good. You should have a desire for hardware and construction or at the mix of software and hardware, programming smaller things.  

You should also be good at teamwork and be able to engage with others. It is important – especially when solving problems – to exchange ideas. You should contribute your own ideas, but also let other people contribute ideas.  

Do you have any final words?  

I can only recommend an internship here!  

We would like to thank you, Kavi, for the good time and cooperation at 3EA and look forward to welcoming you back here for your final thesis.  

Are you also interested in doing an internship, writing a thesis or starting as a working student with us? Feel free to send us an email with your documents to! 

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Last week we had the pleasure to welcome guests from the Pioneer’s Club to the Lunch Journey. In bright sunshine we could not only tell the pioneers about our drones but even demonstrate them live. The Lunch Journey was rounded off with a delicious snack – thank you very much for being there!

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2022 was an exciting and eventful year for us, we thank everyone who was a part of it and say goodbye for this year with a memory from our 5th birthday in the summer.

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Another year is coming to an end… that’s why we got together, looked back on the past year and celebrated a bit. With delicious brew in hand, we got an interesting and informative tour through the brand new Bielefeld brewery. Here, brewing is particularly sustainable – that makes us and the environment happy!

We enjoyed the rest of the evening in a relaxed atmosphere. We’re thankful and gladly say: until the next time!

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Since 2021, Third Element Aviation has been pursuing a partnership with the company StriekAir from Gütersloh, operated by owner Thomas Strieker. StriekAir develops a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle, which is a useful addition to the 3EA portfolio.

The VTOL can be flown with a take-off weight of up to 25 kg (MTOW) and a speed of up to 100 km/h over a distance of up to 220 km. Of a total of seven electronically driven propellers, one is located “classically” on the nose and generates propulsion, while six propellers are located on the underside and enable vertical take-off and landing.

In collaboration with Third Element, the VTOL will be equipped with various use case specific camera types. Live streaming of the cameras will be possible via LTE connection through the integrated IoT electronics and 3EA software. The VTOL can also be controlled via the HHLA Sky control center solution in the future.

With the VTOL as an addition to the portfolio, completely new fields of application can be opened up, as long distances can be covered at high speed. For example, control and inspection flights of large areas (e.g. a dike coast), mapping of large areas as well as medium and long distance transports are possible and will be realized in future projects with first customers.

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Robots that communicate with robots and solve tasks together – that will be the future. We have joined an exciting partnership for this, which we would like to present. 

Capra Robotics is an innovative young company from Denmark that develops, produces and distributes multifunctional driving robots. With a similar approach to Third Element Aviation, they develop solid, powerful vehicles equipped with intelligent software and LTE connectivity to perform a wide range of tasks in a centrally controlled, decentralised manner. In 2022 they were awarded Robotics Company of the year in Denmark.   

The Capra Mobile Robot Platform has a specially designed chassis with flexible axles and specially developed tyres that enable it, like the namesake goat (Latin Capra), to navigate and overcome uneven terrain, earthy surfaces and sand. Control electronics and batteries are installed inside, and the cover plate offers space for mounting various payloads.   

Capra Robotics and Third Element have been working as partners since 2021, with the aim of using the mobile robot and drone for multimodal setups in projects and for customers. Using common interfaces and communication standards, devices of different types are to solve tasks independently in a network and communicate with a control centre as well as with each other.   

With its “Smart City” product line, Capra Robotics is pursuing various concepts for the use of rovers in urban areas, for example to automatically remove cigarette butts and chewing gum residues or to spread road salt in winter. Alone or in combination with 3EA drones, they are used for security and logistics applications.   

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As a project of a bachelor thesis in the course of studies “Industrial Product Design” at the Saxon University of Applied Sciences Enschede, the concept of a mini-drone in Quadro-H form was developed in the past 12 months, on the basis of which a series product will be developed in the future. 

As a detection and surveillance drone in the 4-kilo class with a flight time of approximately 30 minutes, it is equipped with a 180° camera, LED status bars and a carrying handle, making it particularly suitable for mobile operations and authorities with security tasks. 

Supplied with electronics and software developed by Third Element Aviation, the mini drone fits into the product portfolio as a specific extension. It thus also has all the 3EA core functionalities such as LTE connection and IoT compatibility, so that it can also be controlled via the HHLA control center.  

The mini drone is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and thus for monitoring and inspecting industrial areas and halls. It is light and can be transported in a flyable condition, so that it can show its strengths during police and fire brigade operations, for example. 

Are you interested in writing a thesis with us? Then contact Chiara at – we look forward to your ideas. 

On June 9th we were part of expoMINT in the Ravensberger Spinnerei and presented our company to around 40 pupils from the Jöllenbeck secondary school and the Quelle comprehensive school. The eighth to tenth graders were able to learn how a drone works and even be a pilot themselves.

Thanks a lot to experiMINT for allowing us to be there for the second time!

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Photos: experiMINT e.V. | zdi-Netzwerke Bielefeld & Kreis Herford