An open ear for bats

… we have, but especially the consortium of the project “Drones4Bats”. The development of renewable energies is more than desirable in today’s world, but at the same time the protection of endangered species is no less important. The aim of the project is therefore to use drones to record the activity of bats around wind turbines.

This should solve several problems at the same time: when building new wind turbines, the surrounding area can be examined for bats and new turbines can be planned and built more quickly accordingly.

For existing wind turbines, the exact periods of bat activity can be recorded. In both cases, this is intended to prevent bat strikes, i.e. the animals dying or being injured. At the same time, wind turbines can be further expanded and periods of use can be made more effective. Previously, wind turbines often had to be taken out of operation to avoid further endangering the species-protected animals.

The envisaged technical solution involves the mobile recording of bats with drones and integrated recording devices. Compared to previous measurements from the ground or from the wind turbine nacelle, this allows significantly larger effective areas to be covered. We provide the project and the partners with one of our ConVecDro drones (left in the picture) to develop a solution that is as automated and bat-friendly as possible.

Further information on the project website:

(Image: Marc Roswag)

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