Autonomously driving robots for multimodal concepts   

Robots that communicate with robots and solve tasks together – that will be the future. We have joined an exciting partnership for this, which we would like to present. 

Capra Robotics is an innovative young company from Denmark that develops, produces and distributes multifunctional driving robots. With a similar approach to Third Element Aviation, they develop solid, powerful vehicles equipped with intelligent software and LTE connectivity to perform a wide range of tasks in a centrally controlled, decentralised manner. In 2022 they were awarded Robotics Company of the year in Denmark.   

The Capra Mobile Robot Platform has a specially designed chassis with flexible axles and specially developed tyres that enable it, like the namesake goat (Latin Capra), to navigate and overcome uneven terrain, earthy surfaces and sand. Control electronics and batteries are installed inside, and the cover plate offers space for mounting various payloads.   

Capra Robotics and Third Element have been working as partners since 2021, with the aim of using the mobile robot and drone for multimodal setups in projects and for customers. Using common interfaces and communication standards, devices of different types are to solve tasks independently in a network and communicate with a control centre as well as with each other.   

With its “Smart City” product line, Capra Robotics is pursuing various concepts for the use of rovers in urban areas, for example to automatically remove cigarette butts and chewing gum residues or to spread road salt in winter. Alone or in combination with 3EA drones, they are used for security and logistics applications.   

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