Defikopter – The second generation

Together with Definetz e.V., Third Element Aviation is the new technology partner for project Defikopter. The innovative and exciting project has been part of CEOs Benjamins Wiens’ and Marius Schröder’s career for several years already.

“With the ConVecDro technology platform we have achieved many features that are crucial for Defikopter applications – from a rain proof chassis over an extended range of up to 15 kilometers to innovative safety features. It makes us proud and happy to see Third Element Aviation being on board in this project” says CEO Marius Schröder.

“Quietly and without speaking up”, says Friedrich Nölle of Definetz “we are hoping to achieve a general permission for using Defikopter in 2019, to begin building up an infrastructure in Bielefeld.”

More information on the project (german only):

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