How it all began with Third Element Aviation

In early 2017 Benjamin Wiens and Marius Schröder left their former employer, one of the oldest and most established professional drone manufacturers in Germany, and decided to stand on their own two feet.

Their vision

To create, produce and market drones that are perfectly tailored for professional demands and applications.

All existing solutions on the market were pretty good, some of them showing interesting innovations, but none of them was even close to their vision. The market was still lacking highly professional, certified and rigid systems, hindering many potential users from integrating drones into their applications and workflows.

Together with robotics expert Blue Ocean Robotics from Odense, Denmark, the two entrepreneurs founded Third Element Aviation GmbH i.G. on 21.03.2017 in Bielefeld. Besides seed capital, the partnership to Denmark also brought in extensive know-how in workflow integration, programming and automation.

On the other hand Blue Ocean were missing an airborne supplement to their stationary and ground-bound systems. With these synergies behind them, all three parties signed the shareholders agreement and started into a great future.