Introducing Auriol – new flight system up to 25 kg

The year 2022 will be an exciting one for the Third Element Aviation team. Not only because of new, challenging projects or the company’s 5th anniversary, but also because of a special product innovation that will be introduced this year. 

Based on the experience of the past years, intensive product development and the influence of experienced drone pilots, Third Element Aviation is launching its new flight system “Auriol” soon, named after the French aviation icon Jacqueline Auriol, who was the first European woman to break the sound barrier in 1953. As a universal carrier platform, it offers the optimum in payload, robustness and safety for a wide range of applications and provides the maximum in performance with consideration for current regulations.  

With a maximum take-off weight of 25 kg, it makes full use of the regulation of the open and specific category with regard to flight permits, while offering power reserves for a multiple of that – thanks to its eight powerful motors in a coaxial design. This ensures maximum safety for applications up to 25 kg.  

Product development is carried out at the company’s headquarters in Bielefeld (Germany) and component production is also planned within Europe to meet industry standards worldwide. The elaborate, lightweight but particularly stable construction is especially durable, easy to maintain and guarantees short assembly times for users.   

Auriol offers great flexibility in terms of payload and flight time due to its high capacity. This opens up a multitude of possibilities for applications e.g. in the fields of inspection, logistics and security. A prototype has already been used for gamma spectrometry recordings in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. But new use cases, for example through the integration of specific sensors, can also be realized, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. More information will be released soon.  

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