Lift-off for the logistics revolution

Lift-Off! We and our friends at Koerschulte have been waiting for this moment for so long!

After sharing the great news about the successful SAIL III approval the other day, we are taking the next important step today. Finally, commercial delivery operations by drone can start. The permit issued by the LBA allows automated flight with maximum safety, even over industrial and residential areas.
And this is also our vision and our plan for a revolution in logistics on the golden last mile: instead of a delivery being stuck in a traffic jam for a long time due to traffic chaos, it can now simply fly over it. Drones make use of free airspace and can therefore save time and money.
We and our partner are delighted about the keen interest in our drones and Koerschulte’s new Drone Delivery as a Service offering and are so excited that we could jump into the air right now!
Sounds exciting? Contact us or Koerschulte directly so that we can take off together!

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