Gamma spectrometry with drones

Drones can take on important measuring and mapping tasks and at the same time make the work of those involved much easier and safer. This is demonstrated, for example, by the DUBGEM project, which has already been completed and which we would like to present again here.

What is DUBGEM?

DUBGEM is the abbreviation for the somewhat unwieldy title “Development of a UAV-based Gamma spectrometry for the Exploration and Monitoring of Uranium Mining Legacies”.) The project, led by the BGR (Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources), was not only a very successful R&D project, but was also the conceptual origin of the AURIOL.

What is the background to the project?

There have been abandoned uranium mines in Central Asia for decades. Many regions are therefore still radioactively contaminated. Due to the circumstances, remediation and monitoring are expensive, time-consuming and not least risky for the people involved.

The project therefore tested alternatives using drones.

What solution was developed for this?

The solution developed consists of a special sensor for gamma spectrometry, i.e. the measurement of radioactive radiation. We developed a new flight platform to integrate the rather heavy sensor with a drone system.

Today, with further developments, this has become our core product AURIOL.

AURIOL is ideally suited for such tailor-made, highly specialized solutions, which we develop together with our partners, as well as for standardized and quickly integrated applications in logistics. More about AURIOL here.

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