Record-breaking and made to fly: Auriol

Do you know the lady in the picture on the left? No? But you should! Because Jacqueline Auriol was not only the inspiration for the name of our heavy-cargo drone (right), she was also one of the most impressive female aviators of the 20th century!

Born in 1917, she decided to learn to fly at the age of 30. What followed were various flying licenses for different types of aircraft and activities as an aerobatic pilot and test pilot. Even a serious accident did not stop the Frenchwoman: she continued to fly and broke several speed records.

Most impressively, as the first European woman to break the sound barrier in 1953, she was long regarded as the “fastest woman in the world” and received several awards. She can therefore undoubtedly be admired as a pioneer of the skies. 

Our drones are not yet flying at supersonic speeds, but our AURIOL is at least as pioneering as its role model: setting new standards is the goal!

High performance, reliability and the relentless motivation to soar to new heights – we and our AURIOL take our cue from the famous pilot.

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Left photo: This photograph is part of the Fonds André Cros, preserved by the city archives of Toulouse and released under CC BY-SA 4.0 license ( by the deliberation n°27.3 of June 23rd, 2017 of the Town Council of the City of Toulouse. Image was partially cropped.

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